ViewSonic 24-inch Gaming Monitor (VX2416)

Brand: ViewSonic
SKU: VX2416

Warranty: 3 Years


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ViewSonic 24-inch Gaming Monitor (VX2416)

  • Model: VX2416
  • Screen Size : 23.8" 100Hz
  • AMD FreeSync Premium
  • Resolution : 1920 x 1080 (Full HD)
  • DCR : 80M:1
  • Response Time (MPRT): 1ms
  • Blue light Filter & Flicker Free
  • Input : HDMI, Display Port, Audio out
  • Speaker : 2W x 2


The ViewSonic VX2416 features a crisp Full HD display paired with a hyper-responsive 100Hz refresh rate for smooth gaming. The 100Hz refresh rate loads more frames for sleek gameplay with less lag. A 1ms response time ensures your reactions are as fast as the game, helping you to claim more victories. AMD FreeSync™ virtually eliminates screen tearing and stuttering for the smoothest gaming experience possible.

Prevent Screen Tearing

AMD FreeSync™ enables smooth gameplay by synchronizing your GPU and monitor outputs, allowing games to be more immersive, and giving you an advantage over the competition.

Seamless Gameplay

The hyper-responsive 100Hz refresh rate eliminates lag and motion blur for seamless gameplay. Experience smooth, flawless visuals no matter the game, from first-person shooters to real-time strategy. You can see the advantage thanks to faster frame loading.

React Instantly

Experience better performance and smooth pixel transitions with a fast 1ms (MPRT) response time. React faster and game with precision.

Render Every Detail

See your games in rich detail with our Full HD 1080p display. Combined with a 165Hz refresh rate, you can experience all the action in smooth motion.

Dual Integrated Speakers

The monitor accents its incredible screen performance with stereo sound to complete your gaming experience.


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