About ICT.com.mm


ICT.com.mm started its journey in 2013 as a weekly journal publication called "Myanmar ICT Journal", which focused on news and development of Information and Communications Technology in Myanmar. Began with three (3) team members and published thousands of journals weekly. After a couple of months, the ICT journal built over 30 strong team members filled with editors, content writers, and its distribution channels. Due to the strong demand for an online readership, the journal quickly set up an excellent online news website at www.myanmarict.com.

As technology transforms people's habits, the Myanmar ICT journal quickly adapts to the trend as one of the best-read online news websites in Myanmar for tech-related news, reviews and articles. Furthermore, the team at Myanmar ICT focuses on developing the next direction in 2015. Online Shopping.

In 2017, ICT.com.mm was reborn as the authorised online tech retailer focusing on fulfilling the latest tech products to the hands of Myanmar people in the fastest fashion.

ICT.com.mm now offers the most extensive tech catalogue online in Myanmar and retails the world's leading brands of laptops, mobile phones, desktops, computers, tablets, televisions, digital cameras, audio devices, smart-home solutions, digital gift cards, gaming gears, gadgets and more. 

The team at ICT.com.mm is always happy to assist whatever customers' needs in this modern world of tech. Our team commit to thriving as a tech community in Myanmar and growing together for a better sustainable future.