Toshiba TW-BL105A4MM Frontload Washing Machine 9.5Kg

Brand: Toshiba
Type: Washer

Warranty: 2 Year

K1,459,000 K1,379,000 SAVE K80,000

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Toshiba TW-BL105A4MM Frontload Washing Machine 9.5Kg

  • Brand: Toshiba
  • Model: TW-BL105A4MM
  • Spin Speed: 1400
  • Rated Power Supply (V): 220-240
  • Rated Frequency (Hz): 50
  • Capacity (Kg): 9.5
  • Washing Spin (Kg): 9
  • Door Width (MM): 480
  • Net Weight (Kg): 71
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  • Warranty: 2 Year

Drum Clean

Avoiding Secondary Pollution.
High temperature water flow effectively cleans the inner and outer drums, keeping it away from secondary pollution.

Origin Inverter

Compared with universal motor, inverter motor reaches,
10% Noise Down - Operating quieter and disturbing less.
67% Energy Saving - Washing efficiency is improved significantly.
10 Year Warranty - As long as 10 years' warranty are promised.

IOT TSmartLife

Wi-Fi function enables users to control the washer via APP and observe washing status.

Tenon & Mortise Design

Mortise and Tenon is originally applied in traditional architecture and ingenious mechanism, which is regarded as one of the best expressions of Japanese Takumi spirit, and lasts for centuries.

Design and Dimensions

Touch Panel Display
The touch panel, digital display and large knob can facilitate user’s operating.
Japan Style Design
With red arc and Mortise and Tenon joint elements, the overall design shows Japan style and Takumi spirit.
480mm Wide Glass Door
Loading laundry easily and monitoring the washing process at any time.


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