Rivacase 5410 Waist Print Bag (Black)

Brand: Rivacase
SKU: 5410

Warranty: No

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Rivacase 5410 Waist Print Bag (Black)

  • Brand: Rivacase
  • Model: 5410
  • Product Features:
    • Colorful waist/sling bag with a specially designed print.
    • Bag is manufactured using high-quality water-repellent material.
    • Main compartment for gadgets and other items on your daily commute.
    • Hidden inner pocket for your smartphone and a detachable key strap.
    • Adjustable waist-belt.
    • Product Weight: 0.105 kg
    • External dimensions: 200x110x60 mm
    • Inner material: Polyester
    • Material: Polyester
  • Product Weight: 0.105 kg
  • External dimensions: 200x110x60 mm
  • Inner material: Polyester
  • Material: Polyester


There is no doubt that with the advent of electronic devices, it has become absolutely essential to make sure that the bags you carry your things around in are properly secure from any moisture seeping in. This is even more crucial with younger people, who of course might be out and about more often than those who are older. That is why we have made sure that this range comes with a high-quality water-repellent fabric to help shield those important items from harm, no matter what the sky above is looking like.


The spacious main zippered compartment offers you all the room you need to take those all-important items around with you on your day. So have no fear, you can carry all the pens you need, as well as that crucial stick of glue or whatever else it might be for the school day ahead. We at RIVACASE know the importance of staying prepped and organized. That is why we have made sure that you have more than enough space so that you can always have everything you need, on your person, ready for the task ahead.

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