Nippon RLS1100 Electronic Barcode Label Printer, POS Printers, Nippon -
Nippon RLS1100 Electronic Barcode Label Printer, POS Printers, Nippon -

Nippon RLS1100 Electronic Barcode Label Printer

Brand: Nippon
SKU: RLS1100

Warranty: 1 Year


ဈေးနှုန်းများ အချိန်နှင့်တပြေးညီ အနည်းငယ် အပြောင်းအလဲရှိနိုင်ပါသည်။
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  • Max Capacity: 30KG
  • Verification Scale Interval: 10g
  • Display:  Two Line LCD 256*32 dot matrix display
  • Weighing digit: 5 digit
  • Unit price digit: 8 digit
  • Total price digit: 8 digit
  • Keyboard Type: Mylar Button
  • Keyboard Number: 140 buttons(28 function keys)
  • Printing Speed: 80 mm /s
  • Power Supply: AC100-240V, 50/60HZ
  • Dimension: Length 437mm*Width 372mm*Height 523mm
    • Water-proof, moisture-proof, insect-resistant. Avoid bugs crawl into the machine, and all kinds of malfunctions causes such as wet.
    • Exquisite,with drawable printer,easy to take out paper and replace paper, simple and convenient operation.
    • Support PLU updating on line and editing, ensure the item all the latest information.
    • Storage capacity up to 10000 pieces commodities and support 224 hotkeys. Set menu shortcuts, through the PC software can adjust the hotkey sequence and print it out.
    • Each item could choose any tag from independently. Multiple barcode optional,such as 8 bit,13 bit, and 18 bit.
    • Support Labels and barcode rotated 90 degrees, or 270 degrees printing.
    • Support to be connected by Ethernet interface, Software can be upgraded online, to meet customer's special demand.
    • More rich label content. can print production date, date of packaging, fresh date, expiration date, Select it according to clients requirements.
    • Support discount schedule, discount period setting.
    • Support for multiple foreign languages, labels, such as background, the name of the item etc.
    • Support double screen dot matrix display, easy to promote products.
    • Support receipt paper and label paper printing.
    • Dual-motor design, printing more efficient and stable.

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