Mont Marte Oil Pastels 12 Colors (MMPT0013), Drawing, Mont Marte -

Mont Marte Oil Pastels 12 Colors (MMPT0013)

Brand: Mont Marte
Type: Drawing
SKU: 182488


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  • ထုပ်ပိုးမှုဒီဇိုင်းပုံစံအပြောင်းအလဲရှိနိုင်ပါသည်။
  • 12 High Quality Pigments
  • Soft, buttery texture
  • Excellent blending
  • Non toxic
  • Suitable for use with Mont Marte Oils rangeAnd Mont Marte Watercolours range
  • Item Code: MMPT0013

Mont Marte Oil Pastels are rich coloured drawing materials which have a soft buttery texture. They are excellent for colour blending and can be used on a wide variety of toned and textured surfaces.

Oil pastels are great for making interesting designs and patterns by scratching into built up layers with a sharp tool, a technique called ‘sgraffito’. They can be tinted with oil mediums or turps to create glazes.

Pastels create rich textures and colours. Try blending colours to soften and contour your artwork or using different surfaces to create unique art.
Mix mediums with accents of oil paint or watercolours to reinforce elements in your artwork.
Store completed artworks between sheets of plywood (or similar) to prevent the artwork from being damaged.


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