Epson EB-1485Fi Laser Business Projector -
Epson EB-1485Fi Laser Business Projector -
Epson EB-1485Fi Laser Business Projector -
Epson EB-1485Fi Laser Business Projector -
Epson EB-1485Fi Laser Business Projector -

Epson EB-1485Fi Laser Business Projector


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Vendor: Epson
SKU: 185829
  • Projection Technology: Epson 3LCD, 3-chip technology
  • Light Source: Laser Diode
  • Projection System: RGB liquid crystal shutter projection system
  • LCD Panel: 0.62-inch (C2fine)
  • Zoom Ratio: 1.0 – 1.35 (Digital Zoom)
  • Screen Size: 65″ to 100″ [39.2cm to 61.3cm] @16:9, 61″ to 120″ [39.5cm to 79.6cm] @16:6
  • Projection Distance: Standard size: 80″ screen 48.7cm
  • Throw Ratio: 0.27 (Zoom:Wide), 0.37 (Zoom:Tele)
  • Projection Lens Type: No Optical Zoom / Focus (Manual)
  • Projection Lens F Number: 1.5
  • Projection Lens Focal Length: 3.9 mm
  • Focus Method: Manual
  • Offset: 8.68:-1
  • White Light Output: 5,000 lumens
  • Colour Light Output: 5,000 lumens
  • Resolution: FHD
  • Native Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Contrast Ratio: Over 2,500,000:1
  • Code: V11H919052

Up your game and bring your presentations and learning experiences to life with Epson EB-1485Fi projector. Designed for meeting spaces and educational purposes, the ultra wide, super bright Full HD1 laser display allows image projection of up to 120" diagonal at the 16:6 ratio. A true PC-free digital whiteboard, the Epson EB-1485Fi projector allows you to draw, save, print, and even email without a computer.

Ultra Wide Display

The new 16:6 display allows maximization of the existing whiteboard, providing an ultra-wide display of up to 120 inches diagonal.

Seamless Edge Blending

Engage your audience in compelling and fascinating presentations on a larger seamless screen by joining two Epson EB-1485Fi projectors (with interactivity), or up to four (without interactivity) at any one time. With Epson EB-1485Fi's built-in edge blending function, you can now interact, control, and present immersive content seamlessly over one large panoramic screen.

20,000 hours of Maintenance-free Use

The newly designed laser light source delivers 20,000 hours* of maintenance-free** use for the laser light source only. And with the advanced electrostatic filter having an equally long-lasting life, you enjoy peace of mind in using these highly reliable laser projectors.

Quick Information Sharing

With the rich input-output options provided by the smart interactive projector platform, you can enjoy great flexibility of importing information from various sources and sharing the meeting results in multiple ways, saving you precious time and increasing productivity.


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