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Electrolux EasyLine Steam Generator ESI4017 (Cerulean)

Brand: Electrolux
SKU: ESI4017

Warranty: 2 Year


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  • Model: ESI4017 
  • Non-stick ironing board for smooth ironing
  • Vertical steam release Effortless vertical ironing
  • Expert Pro Tip for easy access to difficult ironing points
  • Color of the Product: Cerulean
  • Installation type: Floor-standing refrigerator
  • Electrical connection: 1600 W

Smooth, simple

The surface of the soleplate is particularly slippery. Allows you to control the direction of ironing easily, without interruption, without pulling and styling clothes for a long time. Suitable for daily ironing

Vertical steam release

Easily iron your sofa or curtains with the vertical ironing function. Ironing even without an ironing board Choose to adjust to iron horizontally or vertically easily, without wasting effort.

Ironing difficult points to be simple

With an Expert Pro Tip, the stainless steel head allows easy access to difficult ironing areas such as the collar and the fabric between the buttons. Or even difficult to iron like a pleated skirt, no worries.

Heat indicator

Be safer with the SafeTouch heat indicator that shows a red light if the burner surface is still hot. And when the lights are off, it means the stove has cooled down and is safe to touch.

Self-cleaning function

Effectively clean the inside of the iron To help extend the life of the iron With the SelfClean function, hot water and steam are released from the holes in the soleplate to remove scale and other trapped debris.


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