Electrolux 2400W Steam Iron E6SI3‐61SL (Purple)

Brand: Electrolux

Warranty: 1 Year


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Electrolux 2400W Steam Iron E6SI3‐61SL (Purple)

  • Brand: Electrolux
  • Model: E6SI3‐61SL
  • size
  • high: 145 mm.
  • wide: 127 mm.
  • deep: 295 mm.
  • Packaging width: 140 mm.
  • packaging depth: 315 mm.
  • packaging height: 170 mm.
  • Type
  • color: purple
  • electrical specifications
  • Total watts (W): 2400
  • Size & Capacity
  • Water box capacity (liters): 0.33
  • Total weight (kg): 1.46
  • Product weight (kg.): 1.18
  • Type & Installation
  • product type: steam iron
  • installation type: stand on the floor
  • control system: Manual control and push button

fast and full power

Combines heat, steam and pressure. for neat ironing smooth quickly with fast heating system and even distribution of steam Helps clothes to release wrinkles within 30 seconds.

Eliminate the problem of water dripping and leakage.

When the temperature of the iron is too low to generate steam, the AntiDrip system automatically cuts off the water release. to prevent water from dripping off the soleplate surface Solve the problem of water stains dripping onto clothes.


Keeping your iron in good condition can help keep your clothes looking good too. Prevent limescale build-up with the Anti-calc solution and FlushClean, which removes limescale with a stream of water throughout the appliance.

Choose the desired ironing program.

With 4 automatic ironing programs (Linen, Cotton, Wool, and Delicates) that automatically adjust the amount of steam and temperature to suit the fabric. for you to iron quickly and smoothly save time and energy

Continuous steam

Continuous and just the right amount of steam will help you get crease-free ironing quickly.


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