EiBoard FC-86LED+OPS Interactive Smart E-board

Brand: EiBoard

Warranty: 1 Year

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EiBoard FC-86LED+OPS Interactive Smart E-board

Basic Features:

  • Highly integrated PC, interactive whiteboard, speaker
  • Fast conversion between Android and Windows system
  • Support TV remote control function and F1-F12 function key
  • Commonly used in computer keyboard
  • Support one-key child lock, U disk lock function
  • Multiple-screen sharing
  • Automatically identify signal source and switch channel to source
  • The Interactive Flat Panel Built-In both Dual Operating System, Windows 10 Professional and Android 8.0 or 9.0
  • The Smart Board built-in 4K Smart TV module (no need external TV card).
  • The Smart Board Built-in Multiple-Screen Share option by apps or QR code. Minimum 10 users can connect at the same time & 4 users can share screen at the same time with device. Users can control the Interactive Board by laptop, Mobile, PC or Tab.
  • The Interactive Multimedia Board must have built-in E-Learning software for Distance Learning.
  • The Smart Board must have built-in License Software- Screensahre Pro for Multipale screen sharing Capture for Screen Recording
  • The Smart Board Built-in same OME Brand Document Camera (Visualizer) for scanning option.
  • Includes most of popular teaching tools like pens, eraser, spotlight, camera, Screen shape, rulers, compasses, set square, etc.
  • Various of object operation: copy, clone, delete, move, lock, zoom in/out, rotate, redo, cancel, group, ungroup, hyperlink (sound and website).
  • Import Microsoft Office files (Word, PPT, excel, etc), edit, save, print etc
  • Can zoom in/out, rotate photos by finger gestures.
  • Polygon drawing including lines, graphics, triangles, pentagons, support of shape recognition
  • Unlimited writing range by dragging the pages freely.
  • Handwriting recognition (Chinese and English)
  • Screen Recording: Customized screen recording option. Recording video easily can edit by user through IFP Extra web camera video recording option as insert with screen recording.
  • Multi-language software: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Chines, Japanese etc
  • Free lifetime software upgrade
  • Screen Sharing-: Multiple-Screen Share by apps or QR code Minimum 10 users can connect at the same time 4 users can share screen at the same time with device. Users can control by laptop, Mobile, PC, Tab the Interactive Board.

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