Cooler Master MP750 Soft Mouse Pad (XL) (MPA-MP750-XL), Desk Pads & Blotters, Cooler Master -

Cooler Master MP750 Soft Mouse Pad (XL) (MPA-MP750-XL)

SKU: MP750 Soft Mouse Pad (XL)



ဈေးနှုန်းများ အချိန်နှင့်တပြေးညီ အနည်းငယ် အပြောင်းအလဲရှိနိုင်ပါသည်။
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  • Finely Textured microscopic mesh
  • Smooth, Battlefield-tested surface
  • No more frayed edges and irritated wrists
  • Water Resistant Coating
  • Software Customization RGB through USB
  • USB 1.2m Cable (940 x 380 x 3mm)

Increase your water resistance MP750

The MP750 is a soft mouse pad with performance, winning, and durability in mind, with a fully integrate RGB beam, a smooth, water-repellent surface graded for gaming on the professional level, and other improvements that go a long way to total victory.

Extra-Thick RGB Borders

Go the extra mile with an extra thick RGB border around the edges, resulting in extra-bright, extra-consistent lighting all around the pad. Needless to say, this mouse pad is considered pretty... extra.

Increase your water resistance

=Stay water resistant so you don’t have to suffer from unexpected splash damage. Water-repellent coating on the fabric results in a soft mouse pad that will keep it together through even the sweatiest fights (or palms).

Smooth,Battlefleld-Tested Surface

Crafted from fabrics specially selected for its slick texture and smooth maneuverability, the result is a mouse pad that is completely engineered for speed, precision, and domination.

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