Cooler Master Casing Masterbox NR400 with ODD (MCB-NR400-KG5N-S00), Gaming Cases, Cooler Master -

Cooler Master Casing Masterbox NR400 with ODD (MCB-NR400-KG5N-S00)


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  • Minimalistic Design
  • Seamless Tempered Glass
  • Ample Storage 1xODD, 4xHDD, 4xSSD
  • Fonrt 4pole Headset Jack, 2xUSB3
  • Front, Rear, Top Rediator Support
  • Rear 120mmx1, Front 120mmx1 installed
  • CPU Cooler 166mm, GPU 346mm
  • mATX, mini ITX
  • MCB-NR400-KG5N-S00
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Streamlined, By Definition

Simplicity in aesthetics rarely reflect complexity in design. Cooler Master’s signature Fine Mesh spans the entire front panel for open airflow, makes up the structure of the case, and adds rigidity to its overall construction. Meticulously engineered for unhindered airflow, the MasterBox NR400 applies bold performance to a pure-and-simple design.

Minimalistic Design

The MasterBox NR400 is a pure and simple design that is focused on airflow performance. A single-layer, fine mesh makes up the entire front panel, achieving efficient airflow while also acting as a dust filter.

Seamless Tempered Glass

The tempered glass side panel sits completely flush against the chassis, mounted securely and discreetly by a system of tabs and thumbscrews.


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