Aver VC550 4K Dual Lens PTZ Conferencing Camera with Scalable Speakerphone

Brand: Aver
SKU: VC550

Warranty: 3 Years


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Aver VC550 4K Dual Lens PTZ Conferencing Camera with Scalable Speakerphone

  • Image sensor: Sony 4K EXMOR, crystal clear in any lighting
  • Frame rates: (16:9) 4K 30fps; 1920 x 1080, 1600 x 900, 1280 x 720, 960 x 540,
  • 848 x 480, 800 x 448, 640 x 360, at 60, 30, 15fps; (4:3) 1280 x 960, 800 x 600,
  • 640 x 480 at 60, 30, 15fps
  • 24*X Zoom: 12X optical; 2X digital zoom
  • Wide field of view: DFOV 85°; HFOV 76°; VFOV 46°
  • Lens focal length: 3.9mm (wide) ~ 47.3mm (tele)
  • Lens F#: 1.8 (wide) ~ 2.8 (tele)
  • AE, white balance: auto, manual override via PTZApp 2
  • Minimum focus distance: 1.5m
  • Motorized Pan & tilt: Pan: ±170°;Tilt: +90° (up) -30° (down)
  • Preset number: 10 via IR remote, 128 via RS232
  • 4K Dual Lens: The VC550 offers a wide-angle clarity for mid-to-large rooms, capturing a full view of any meeting space with its 4K dual lens: one is a PTZ camera with a 24X total zoom (12X optical zoom) and an 85-degree FOV, while the other is an AI lens with a 95-degree FOV. Together, the two lens provide a full and panoramic view of the room.
  • Dual Display and 3-Way Output: A single HDMI connection from VC550 may enable a 2nd display to be used for virtual meetings. Additionally, the 3-way output allows VC550 to simultaneously connect to its HDMI, USB and IP ports for streaming purposes.
  • Smart Gallery: Upgrades and takes the meeting experience to a whole new level with its AI face-and-body detection technology. This AI solution offers a clear view of everybody by cropping meeting participants into one of the two modes: headshot or half-body. The flexibility and visibility enables users to adapt to any situation without compromise.
  • Dynamic Framing: The VC550 enhances meeting efficiency with its dynamic framing, able to quickly and precisely process facial recognition to capture every participant on-screen and will automatically re-frame whenever someone walks in or out of the room. VC550 can also track speakers within preset areas, ensuring no conferences are interrupted.
  • Speakerphone Extension: Enjoy flawless audio and fluid communication via the scalable speakerphone. Embedded with daisy-chain technology, the VC550 can be expanded by adding up to four additional microphones or two additional speakerphones to provide the maximum coverage during video conferencing. No more crowding around one speakerphone or constantly repeating yourself because you’re too far away
  • Warranty: 3 Years

AVer Information Inc., the award-winning provider of video conferencing solutions, announces today the launch of the newest addition to the VC series: the VC550. This dual-lens audiovisual system is the perfect choice for mid-to-large rooms, effectively capturing audio communication throughout the entire room and ensuring visibility of each participant. The combination of our high-quality PTZ conferencing camera and scalable speakerphone are now available and ready to deliver incredible meeting experiences for everyone.


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