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Golden Field Casing Q8B
  • Q8B

Golden Field Casing Q8B

$ 12.00


  • Solid mechanical structure
  • Folded edge for safe device installation
  • Air guide and openings on side panel for better CPU & GPU cooling
  • Dual USB 2.0, audio ports and the front, easy access
  • Flash light effect on the power button
Structure Size(D*W*H) 375*177*420(mm)
Product Size(D*W*H) 409*177*420(mm)
Packing Size(D*W*H) 468*233*464(mm)
CBF per carton 1.73
40’HQ load 1,370
5.25″ Drive bays 4*external
3.5″ Drive bays 1*external
3.5″ Drive bays 4*internal
PCI slots 7*
Fan space 1*8/9.2cm rear(exhaust)
M/B type ATX/Micro AXT
Power supply ATX
Net weight 3.2kgs
Gross weight 3.8kgs