WeGuard  Checkme O2 Max Wrist Oximeter - ICT.com.mm
WeGuard  Checkme O2 Max Wrist Oximeter - ICT.com.mm
WeGuard  Checkme O2 Max Wrist Oximeter - ICT.com.mm

WeGuard Checkme O2 Max Wrist Oximeter


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Vendor: We Guard
  • Weight(Main Unit): 0.63 oz / 18g
  • Device Dimensions: 1.9'' x 1.0'' x 0.7''
  • Ring Perimeter: 2.0'' - 3.0''
  • Wireless: Bluetooth 4.0 BLE
  • Battery Life: Rechargeable lithium-polymer, 3.7 Vdc, 72 hours for typical use
  • Degree of Dust &Water resistance: IP22
  • Recovered Parameters: Oxygen levels, pulse rate, motion
  • Compatible Computer System: Windows 7/8/10; macOS 10.15.3 or above
  • Works with iOS 9.0 or above, iPhone 4s/iPad 3 or above; Android 5.0 or above, with Bluetooth 4.0 BLE
  • Oxygen Level Range: 70% - 100%
  • Pulse Rate Range: 30 to 250 bpm
  • Measure Interval: 1 second
  • Display Interval In APP: 2 seconds
  • BUILT-IN Memory 4 records, up to 10 hours for each

Remind You to Breathe Well

A normal range of blood oxygen level is the key to start a new day. During the night, when your SpO2 started to fall below the preset value, the vibration will be activated. Unlike traditional sound alert system, it softly wakes you to change to a position that helps you breathe better. So sharing a bed with your partner won't affect his or her's rest. Checkme™ O2 Max, to ensure you wake up with an energetic morning.

Perfect for CPAP Treatments

Checkme™ O2 Max wrist oxygen monitor can work as a monitor, tracks your overnight oxygen levels and heart rates, so you can view your night data in the day. Based on the value changes in the chart, you can know whether your CPAP machine or the oxygenator is effective or not.

Light & free, provide the most comfort.

Unlike duckbill design, the ring free your finger for movement.
So your hand won't feel constrained at all.




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