ViewSonic 3200 ANSI Lumens WGA LED Business Education Projector (LS560WE)

Brand: ViewSonic

Warranty: 3 Year


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ViewSonic 3200 ANSI Lumens WGA LED Business Education Projector (LS560WE)

  • Model: LS560WE
  • Brightness: 3200 (ANSI Lumens)
  • Resolution : 1280 x 800
  • Contrast Ratio: 3000000:1
  • Light Source Life (hours) : Up to 30000
  • Throw Distance: 0.63m-1.58m (87"@0.92m)
  • Input: HDMI, USB Type A, Audio In/Out, RS-232
  • RJ45, Monitor Out
  • Speaker : 2W


The LS560WE is ViewSonic’s lamp-free high brightness WXGA short throw projector for business and education. Adopting industry-leading 3rd generation LED technology, the LS560WE delivers 3,200 ANSI Lumens while eliminating the use of toxic mercury, reducing the cost and effort of frequent lamp replacement and lowering the total cost of ownership. The lamp-free light source offers enhanced sustainability for a greener environment while delivering a wider color gamut for bright and vivid images in a meeting room, classroom, or any other environment. The 0.49 short throw lens provides a 100” screen from just 1.1m away, delivering exceptional space efficiency and freeing presenters from blinding lights. The projector boasts incredible ease of use with instant power on/off, easy image correction with H/V keystone and 4 corner adjustment, and 360° tilt angle projection for flexible applications. Moreover, its comprehensive LAN control makes multiple device management a breeze and is compatible with Crestron, AMX, Extron, PJ Link, ATEN, and ViewSonic’s vController.

3rd Generation LED Technology for Greater Sustainability​

With the 3rd generation LED technology, the LS560WE frees users from frequent lamp replacement and toxic mercury. Offering consistently impressive brightness for 30,000 hours, the projector saves the cost of time, manpower and money for maintenance, while providing a greener and more sustainable future.​

Saving More with the Advanced LED Technology​

Adopting ams OSRAM’s Ostar Projection Power LED technology, the LED projector is both energy saving and cost efficient, consuming less energy than competing lamp-based projectors.​

Enhanced Brightness for Business/Education Environments

Thanks to the latest LED technology, the LS560WE achieves a major brightness breakthrough to 3,200 ANSI Lumens. With extreme-high contrast ratio of 3,000,000:1​, the projector ensures bright and detailed images in dim or lit environments.

Present the Best with Vibrant Colors

Impress any audience with ViewSonic’s exclusive color technology, covering wide color gamut, elevating your presentation with a true-to-life color experience.​

Big Screen Fits for Small Spaces​

The LS560WE's 0.49 short throw projection gives you 100” large screen from only 1.1m away when positioning the projector. Presenters will stay clear of the projector beam, eliminating eye glare and shadows on the projection screen.

Effortless Image Adjustment

Horizontal and Vertical Keystone correction along with 4 corner adjustment features eliminate crooked or distorted images for a perfectly proportioned picture every time.​

Efficient Instant Power On/Off​

Eliminate waiting times before and after use with instant power on/off capability, delivering immediate full brightness for timely starts with no cooling period required.​

Versatile Application​

The projector can freely rotate at any angle vertically to aid with creative applications, allowing projection onto ceilings, walls, or floors.​

Centralized Control for Management Efficiency​

The LS560WE is compatible with Crestron, AMX, PJ Link, ATEN and Extron systems and comes equipped with ViewSonic vController, an easy-to-use network management tool.​

A Simpler Way to Update Projector Software

Skip trips to the service center by keeping software up to date easily and onsite via USB cable connection with your laptop.

USB Type A Power Supply​

The built-in 5V/2A USB output conveniently delivers power to HDMI wireless dongles, eliminating the need for separate power adapters when streaming multimedia content.​

Non-stop 24/7 Operation

The advanced cooling design enables 24/7 operation without degradation of image quality or work performance, making the projector ideal for applications that require continuous use.

Sealed Optical Engine with IP5X​

Maintain crystal-clear image quality and product longevity with an advanced sealed optical engine that prevents dust from entering and affecting the thermal system.​


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