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Santak Online UPS 3C20KS UNI


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Vendor: SANTAK
SKU: 106081
  • Long-life Design
  • Excellent High Rate Discharge Performance
  • Low Self-discharge Rate
  • Best Compatibility With UPS
  • High Security
  • High Consistency
  • Convenient Installation and Maintenance
    • Power rating: 20KVA/18KW
    • Input wiring: Three phase or Single phase with ground (3:1 or 1:1)
    • Input voltage range: 208VAC-476VAC (three phase)/120VAC-275VAC(signal phase)
    • Input frequency range: 40-70Hz
    • Output voltage: 220/230/240VAC
    • Output frequency range: 50/60Hz+/-0.2Hz (battery mode)
    • Battery voltage: 192VDC/216VDC/240VDC optional
    • Battery quantity: default 16PCS (External), 16/18/20PCS adjustment
    • Battery capacity and Backup time: Depends on customer configuration
    • Recharge current: 4A
    • LCD+LED: load rating/battery capacity/input/output/operating mode/Fault code
    • Communication port: RS232 standard offer, USB optional
    • Extendable communication card: Dry contact card, USB card, MODBUS card, NMC card are optional
    • Product dimension(W*H*D): 248*500*565 mm
    • Product weight: 31 kg

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