Santak Castle Rack 10K UPS -

SANTAK Castle Rack 10K UPS

SKU: Rack 10K

Warranty: 3 Years


ဈေးနှုန်းများ အချိန်နှင့်တပြေးညီ အနည်းငယ် အပြောင်းအလဲရှိနိုင်ပါသည်။
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  • Power rating: 10000VA/10000W
  • Input voltage range: 110~275VAC
  • Input frequency range: 40Hz-70Hz
  • Input connection: Single phase with ground
  • Input power factor: ≥0.995
  • Output voltage: 208/220/230/240 VAC
  • Output voltage tolerance: ±1%
  • Output connection: Single phase with ground
  • Output Socket: 2*IEC, 1*Terminal Block
  • Output frequency range: 50/60Hz±0.1Hz
  • Output THDV: <1%(linear load), <5%(non-linear load)
  • Output waveform: Pure sinewave
  • Battery quantity: 16PCS default, 16/17/18/19/20 adjustable
  • Recharge time to 90% battery capacity: 3 hours
  • Backup time: 4min@100% load,11min@50% load
  • Recharge current (to 90%battery capacity): 1.4A default, 0-4A adjustable
  • LCD: load rating/battery capacity/input/output/operating mode
  • Communication port: RS232, USB+EPO, Dry in/Dry out configurable
  • Extendable communication card: Dry Contact Card, MODBUS Card, NMC Card are optional
  • Software: Winpower
  • Product dimension (W*H*D)mm: 438* 86.3* 573mm (UPS)
  • Product weight (Kg): 14
  • Operating temperature: 0-40℃
  • Operating humidity: Operating humidity
    • PF 1 without power de-rating in all battery configuration and full operating temperature range
    • High efficiency 95% at typical load
    • 2U height, <600mm depth for 10KW model
    • Long backup time model charger current is upgraded to 12A
    • Standard model charger current is upgraded to 4A
    • Battery quantity 16/17/18/19/20pcs adjustable
    • Digital charger technology provide accurate charger current setting(0.5A per step adjustable) and reduce charger ripple current
    • PDU and MBS 2-in-1 kit support easy maintenance
    • Parallel supported

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