REMAX COZYBUDS 6C Aurora Series Clear True Wirless Earbud

Brand: REMAX
Type: Earbuds
SKU: 01030105OR



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REMAX COZYBUDS 6C Aurora Series Clear True Wirless Earbud

  • Model: CozyBuds 6C
  • Colour: Black/ Orange/ White
  • Warranty: 6months
  • Wireless Version: V53
  • Transmission distance: 10m/Driver Unit---.13mm
  • Frequency response: 20H2-20KHz /
  • Impedance: 32ohm
  • Rated power: 2mW
  • Net Weight: 32
  • Input: 5V-1A
  • Charging Case size: 48.4*48*21.3mm
  • Charging port: Type-C
  • Charging case battery capacity: 200mAh
  • Earbuds battery capacity: 25 mAh
  • Play time: 4hours
  • Charging time of earbuds: 1:30hours
  • Charging time of charging case: 3 hours
  • Function-.-Take out the earbuds from the case power on and the earbuds wil auto enters pairingmode from the top of the earbuds red and blue light wil flash.if the bluetooth is connected.the light wil turn off. Next song 2 cick the right earbuds. Previous song 3click the left earbuds.Play/pause the right or left earbuds one click.Before wireless connection ,press and hold the rightor left earbuds for 5 seconds with the red light flashing 3times and the bluetooth disconnectand power off. If the power on press and hold the right/left earbuds 3 seconds with the blue lightflashes 3times. Put the earbuds back to the charging case over 3minutes of no connection.Poweron without wireless connection,tap left/right earbuds 3times to switch chinese lanquage andengish lanquage.Triple cick right earbud to increase yolume.Triple cick left earbuds to decreaseTo answer a cal & end call left or right earbud one click.Press and hold the left or rightearbuds 2 seconds to reject an incoming call.Press and hold the left or right earbuds2second to the voice assistant.The green light remains on when the earbuds are being charged.When fuly charged,the green ight turn off. When the charging the charging case,the redight flash slowly.When fully charged, the red light remains on.Once the box is fuly charged.the earbuds can be recharged 3 times.


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