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Hatari Stand Fan 22-inch IQ22M1 Gray

Brand: Hatari
Type: Fans
SKU: HC -I22M1 (OR) IQ22M1



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  • Brand: HATARI
  • Product color: Gray
  • Width (cm): 69
  • Height (cm): 155
  • Depth (cm): 72
  • Weight (kg): 12
  • control system: keypad
  • wind power level: 3 levels
  • leg pattern: 4 legs
  • Power: 197 watts
  • Propeller size (inches): 22
  • oscillating: can
  • 3 levels of wind power can be adjusted with left-right oscillation and stop shaking as needed
  • Pole legs and fan base are made of high quality materials, adjustable 142 - 155 cm.
  • Increase safety with automatic power cut (Thermal Fuse)
  • High efficiency motor with ball bearing system
  • The rotation speed is 880 rpm.
  • Always unplug the power cord before removing, replacing, assembling the fan.
  • Do not use the fan with incomplete or damaged parts.
  • do not touch the fan or parts with electricity with wet hands
  • Do not modify any modifications. because it can be dangerous
  • Always have to cut off the electricity. Before cleaning and repairing the fan

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