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Electrolux Multi-Purpose Mixer EKM3437W

Brand: Electrolux
Type: Mixers

Warranty: 2 Year


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  • Model: EKM3437W
  • Find your culinary creativity. with new kitchen appliances
  • Love Your Day Kitchen Machine allows you to make a variety of delicious dishes every day.
  • Supported Voltage Unit: 220-240 V
  • Height: 435 mm
  • Width: 184 mm
  • Depth: 250 mm

    A helper that comes with a complete set of accessories

    Three main pieces of equipment will help you. Wherever your creativity takes you It can range from light whipped cream to heavy dough.

    Large bowl

    The large 4 liter bowl is big enough to cook almost anything. but small enough to fit in the dishwasher

    Meat grinder

    Fresh burger or steak tartare all can be done at home with the included meat grinder

    Salad maker

    whether it is sliced ????cucumber or grated cheese The included salad maker will help you make your creative salad every step of the way.

    Blender jar

    Make a mouthwatering sauce or dipping sauce. Maintains the natural flavor of the ingredients with 4 blade blender


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