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AutoCad Maya 2020 Commercial New Single-user ELD Annual Subscription


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Vendor: Autodesk
SKU: 159045
  • Windows® 10 Professional, Windows 10® version 1607 or higher operating system
  • 64-bit Intel® or AMD® multi-core processor with SSE4.2 instruction set
  • 4 GB of free disk space for install
  • Three-button mouse
  • Browser: Apple® Safari® web browser, Google Chrome™ web browser, Microsoft® Internet Explorer® web browser, Mozilla® Firefox® web browser
  • Stock Code: 657L1-WW7721-L922


First introduced with Maya 2019, Cached Playback is a background process which drastically increases the speed of animation playback, enabling you to evaluate iterations of animation right in the viewport, rather than producing multiple playblasts. Maya 2020 further refines Cached Playback with support for dynamics, image planes, smooth mesh previews, and custom plugins, as well as a new Ghosting preview.

Image planes are now cached the same way as animation through Cached Playback. If a scene has a sequence of images applied onto an image plane, rather than loading the images during playback, Maya now stores the images directly in the evaluation cache, allowing for much faster playback.

Smooth Mesh Preview now uses less memory and runs previews on the GPU when possible. This is especially useful when working with dense, asset-heavy scenes where memory limits can be reached quickly.

Technical users can now set custom configurations for Cached Playback for the nodes they build. Different configurations and presets can be written to take full advantage of the flexibility of Cached Playback, allowing you to prioritize what gets cached and what doesn’t.

The new Ghosting preview allows you to see the appearance of past and future movements. This is useful when actively working on a scene that requires nuanced performance. Based directly on feedback from animators, we've also included the ability to tint your meshes and remove textures for clearer silhouettes.


Using new Animation bookmarks, you can now mark, navigate through, and organize specific events in time as well as easily zoom into playback ranges in the Time Slider. You can select start and end frames and assign different colors to bookmarks to identify them. Hovering over a bookmark clearly highlights the time it occupies in the Time Slider and displays any notes you've created.


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