AOC 28-inch Monitor U28P2U (Black), 4k Monitors, AOC -
AOC 28-inch Monitor U28P2U (Black), 4k Monitors, AOC -
AOC 28-inch Monitor U28P2U (Black), 4k Monitors, AOC -
AOC 28-inch Monitor U28P2U (Black), 4k Monitors, AOC -
AOC 28-inch Monitor U28P2U (Black), 4k Monitors, AOC -

AOC 28-inch Monitor U28P2U (Black)

Brand: AOC

Warranty: 3 Year

K1,082,000 K980,000 SAVE K102,000

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Total price:K1,122,000 K1,020,000

AOC 28-inch Monitor U28P2U (Black)

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  • Brand: AOC
  • Display Size: 28″
  • Color: Black with Silver Stand
  • Panel Type: IPS
  • Screen Resolution: 3840 x 2160 60Hz
  • Response Time: 4ms (GtG)
  • Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
  • Brightness(typical): 300 cd/m² (typical)
  • Viewing angle(CR10): 178° (H) / 178° (V) (CR > 10)
  • Connections: HDMI 2.0× 2, DisplayPort 1.2 × 1, USB3.2 Gen1 × 4
  • Net Weight: 6.76 Kg
  • Model Number: U28P2U
  • Warranty: 3 Years

IPS WIDE VIEW, Designed with wide viewing angles

IPS displays deliver 178/178-degree viewing angles while maintaining consistent image quality and colors from all viewing positions. You can also view your spreadsheets or weekend movies from virtually any angle without compromising color uniformity.


4K Ultra High-Definition (3840 x 2160) resolution delivers ultra-crisp picture quality and allows users to see more on the screen at one time. This provides more screen 'real estate' and also shows more detail for sharper and more brilliant images. Whether working on the next beautiful photo, design, or even just used for productivity, users will marvel at the true, crisp image that only a UHD display can provide.

HDR mode visual enhancement

Through a combination of advanced algorithmic functions, the HDR Mode essentially transforms non-HDR content into HDR-like visuals via 3 different modes. By enhancing RGBCMY color for more vivid images (via improved saturation and range), increasing dynamic contrast for clarity and image sharpness, the HDR mode ensures you.

SUPER COLOR, Bringing depth to your colors

AOC Super Color technology enlivens the viewing experience with more passionate reds, enchanting greens and soothing blues. With this hardware solution, you can enjoy better color accuracy and true-to-life color reproduction in your photos, videos and more.

ADJUSTABLE STAND, An ergonomic design

An adjustable stand allows for tilt, rotation, swivel and height adjustment do dial-in a comfortable and ergonomic viewing experience.

LOW BLUE MODE, Reducing shortwave blue light output for healthier eyes

Low Blue Mode setting ensures a more healthy viewing experience for prolonged computer use without compromising the naturally vivid colors of the display.

A universally respected anti-tearing solution

Screen tearing doesn't only harm gaming performance, it also destroys immersion. Adaptive Sync technology eradicates this disastrous problem by ensuring your monitor's refresh rate is always synced with your processor's.

PICTURE-IN PICTURE, Multitask like it was nothing

Picture-in-Picture and Picture-by-Picture empowers you to multitask like it was nothing. These features display and fine-tune content from different PCs sources onto your screen at once, making it much easier to work on multiple projects at the same time.

SCREEN + Built-in convenient multitasking software

Screen+ allows you to split, customize, and organize your monitor's layout. Make multitasking easier by resizing and displaying multiple windows at once.


Customer Reviews

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Thant Phyo Aung
Promotion system

Product is good. Service is not bad.
But promotion item is misleading or felt cheated.

I didn't get AOC cash back because ICT gave cash back only on live sale while the main distributor gave cash back on every item.

I don't know how the ICT retailer and AOC distributor were dealing.
Possibly, your team couldn't negotiate with the distributor or you did collect the cash back without giving to the customer.

So next time, I would like to prefer to buy from direct source rather than
and I would recommend my colleagues and friends to do so.

Dear Thant Phyo Aung,

ဝယ်ယူအားပေးမှုအတွက်ကျေးဇူးတင်ပါတယ်ရှင့်။ အဆင်မပြေမှုလေးတွေရှိသွားခဲ့ရင်လည်းစိတ်မရှိပါနဲ့အကို။ AOC Cash Back က ညီမတို့ Live Sale လုပ်တဲ့အချိန်နဲ့ အဲ့ဒီတစ်ရက်ကိုတော့ Cash Back ပြန်ပေးတဲ့အစီအစဥ်အတိုင်း ပြုလုပ်ခဲ့ပါတယ်။ နောက်ရက်တွေမှာတော့အဲ့ Programလေးမရှိတော့ပါဘူးရှင့်။ AOC Myanmar Official Page ကလည်း Cash Back ပေးတဲ့ Program လေးကိုမနေ့ကမှ စကြေငြာတဲ့အတွက်ကြောင့်ပါရှင့်။ အဆင်မပြေဖြစ်သွားတဲ့အတွက်လည်း တောင်းပန်ပါတယ်ရှင့်။
ပျော်ရွှင်ဖွယ် သီတင်းကျွတ် အခါသမယလေးဖြစ်ပါစေလို့ ဆုတောင်းပေးလိုက်ပါတယ်ရှင့်။

Best regards,
09 765 441 707 / 08 / 09 / 10

AungThan Zaw

Good servive and fair price

Dear Ryan,

We really appreciate you for your 5 star review and thank you for taking the time to write this review. We’re here for you anytime. We can’t wait to have you back at


Myo Min Htet
very sastified

build quality is not bad but not premium except silver stand.Viewing angel is so good. You should not impressive china 4k monitor . color accuracy is a little bit good.but not 100%. overall is so good at 5laks price level.

Dear Myo Min Htet,

We are glad to know that overall you are satisfied with AOC monitor and much appreciated for your reviews that is helpful to others. Thank you for shopping with us.

Have a great day ahead.